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JavaScript And PHP Programming Complete Course


The JavaScript course is about:

  • This is the beginning of JavaScript.
  • Arrays in JavaScript
  • JavaScript can do things.
  • People who write JavaScript can make things.
  • Statements in JavaScript that control how things work
  • Cookies made by JavaScript
  • A loop statement in JavaScript
  • The data structures in JavaScript
  • Error handling in JavaScript
In this PHP class, we’ll learn about:
  • This is how it works: PHP has a lot of different types of
  • PHP has a way of storing things.
  • Conditional statements in PHP
  • Loops are used in PHP.
  • Function statements in PHP
  • PHP is used to make important decisions.
  • The PHP files can be read and written.
  • PHP concepts that are used on the web
  • The PHP MySql API
  • Declaring a scalar in PHP
  • … and much more.

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