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Download E-book Beginning App Development with Flutter in pdf

Beginning App Development with Flutter produce cross-Platform Mobile Apps 1st ed. 

 produce iOS and Android apps with Flutter using just one codebase. App development on multiple platforms has historically been delicate and complex. 

This book breaks down complex generalities and tasks into fluently digestible parts with exemplifications, filmland, and hands-on labs with starters and results.


Part I: Introduction to Flutter

Chapter 1: Hello Flutter

Chapter 2: Developing in Flutter

Part II: Foundational Flutter

Chapter 3: Everything Is Widgets

Chapter 4: Value Widgets

Chapter 5: Responding to Gestures

Chapter 6: Laying Out Your Widgets

Chapter 7: Navigation and Routing

Chapter 8: Styling Your Widgets

Chapter 9: Managing State

Part III: Above and Beyond

Chapter 10: Your Flutter App Can Work with Files

Chapter 11: Making RESTful API Calls with HTTP

Chapter 12: Using Firebase with Flutter

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