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Top 6 Flutter Popup Package Example


Flutter Animated Dialog Box

A pure dart package for showing animated alert box.#flutter #github #devflutter #flutterdev

View Code On GitHub

Flutter Beautiful Popup

A flutter package to help you beautify your app popup, can be used in all platform

Live Demo | Source Code On GitHub 

Flutter Peek And Pop

Peek & Pop implementation for Flutter based on the iOS functionality of the same name.

Source Code

Fancy Flutter Alert Dialog

A flutter Package to show custom alert Dialog,you can choose between two themes 'Fancy' and 'Flat'.

 The package is available in fancy_dialog | Source Code

Flutter Popup Menu

A flutter popup menu. Pub enabled.

This project was writed with pure dart code,which means it's support both iOS and Android.

Source Code

Rflutter Alert

RFlutter Alert is super customizable and easy-to-use alert / popup dialog library for Flutter. You may create reusable alert styles or add buttons as much as you want with ease.


  • Single line basic alert
  • Adding buttons dynamically (as much as you want)
  • Predefined beautiful alert styles (success, error, warning, info)
  • Reusable alert styles
  • Super customizable
  • Change animation (fromTop, fromBottom, fromRight, fromLeft, grow, shrink)
  • Set animation duration
  • Show/hide close button
  • Set overlay tap to dismiss
  • Assign Title and desc styles
  • Change dialog border style


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