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Download Project Hospital Management System

 This design is developed for rally purposes and it's not supposed to be used in real operation.


  •  Install Python(3.7.6)(Don't Forget to Tick Add Path while installing Python) 
  • Open Terminal and Execute the Following Commands 

= > pip install django == 3.0.5 

= > pip install django- contrivance- tweaks 

= > pip install xhtml2pdf 

Download This design Zip folder and prize it 

    Move to the project folder in Outstation. also, run following Commands 

= > makemigrations 

= > migrate 

= > runserver 

Now enter the following URL in Your Cybersurfer Installed On Your Pc 

= > http// 

 CHANGES demand CONTACT US runner 

train, You have to give your dispatch and word 


= >EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = ' your dispatch word' 


Login to Gmail through host dispatch id in your cybersurfer and open the following link and turn it ON 

 = > https//

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